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24 Hour Helpline

Immediate response to emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 609 589 479

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Mobile Unit

Contact, identification, and specialized information in the social, legal and health fields

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Personalized intervention plan. Flats for short-term stays and for victims of trafficking.

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Job Training

Support and accompaniment in the search for employment. Pre-employment and vocational training.

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APRAMP has launched a fundraising campaign for the development of its activities through the Global Giving platform: Survivors Rescuing Victims of Human Trafficking


Upcoming "New Girls 24 hours"

APRAMP presents the documentary "New 24 hours Girls" in Cineteca Madrid (Matadero) on September 3.

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European Day Against Trafficking, 18 Oct


Rocío Nieto, President of APRAMP

Victim Testimonies

  • Elisabeth, 22 años, Colombia: “Yo no sabía que servía para otras cosas, creía que no podría hacer nada más, que ya estaba perdida… y ahora tengo una nueva vida”
  • Diana, 18 years old, Paraguay: “They have fixed my situation in Spain, and on top of that, I’m now prepared to work…I have regained my self-esteem.”
  • Blessing, 19 years old, Nigeria: “Finally I can have a dignified life…they have trained me to work…they gave me everything without anything in return.”
  • Claudia, 21 years old, Brazil: “They taught me how to speak and write Spanish…although the road has been long, they have always helped me through the good and the bad.”
  • Isabella, 16 years old, Dominican Republic: “I’m trying hard to learn…” “You all are part of my family.”
  • Cristina, 14 years old, Romania: “After a few months, I started to feel better.” “Every day I learn news things that I never imagined I could” and… “I’m in school, I’ve made new friends my age. I’m ashamed of the life I’ve lived, always with adults, I don’t want anyone to know.”