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APRAMP deems the role of volunteers to be one of the most important initiatives which have marked the development of society in recent years. We, therefore, consider volunteer opportunities as a way of bringing the community together to face a problem, which implies, in addition to being a serious and responsible commitment, being a testimony of attitudes of respect and acceptance.

All volunteer activity is a key piece which directly assists the achievement of APRAMP’s goals and every action falls within the daily activities of the organization and, contributes to the training and recovery of women and girls. As such, APRAMP volunteers mainly work to support the basic, pre-labor and transversal training of the beneficiaries. Additionally, individuals may help with accompaniments and other activities determined by APRAMP.

The profile of volunteering which APRAMP seeks will vary based on the activity which he or she is going to perform and will be subject to the workshop or activity to be carried out, according to his or her training. However, in general it is mandatory individuals meet the following basic requirements:

  • They have an availability of at least 6 hours per week (Monday–Friday; either morning: 10-14h or, afternoon: 16-20h)
  • They can commit to a period of at least 3 months

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