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Job Training

For women who find themselves in a situation of vulnerability, education and training is the first step to finding a job and, therefore, for rehabilitation, social reinsertion and support to escape the circle of sexual exploitation. The established objectives in this stage are:

  • To offer individuals attractive and sustainable education and training opportunities.
  • To facilitate social skills and discipline.
  • To facilitate the acquisition of basic knowledge and a professional qualification.
  • To offer real employment opportunities.
  • To facilitate a regularisation process.
  • To guarantee follow-up adapted to needs.

All of the women who participate in the Holistic Care Programme will receive proposals for education and training and for employment once they are prepared for it. This proposal, in general, tends to last one year and in order to access it a commitment of continuous attendance and active participation in their Individualised Socio-Labour Insertion Plan is requested.

According to the previous education of each individual, they can be offered different training options. From APRAMP:

  • Distinct possibilities to access work and economic resources are analysed as a real alternative to the situation of exploitation for the individuals who participate in these programmes.
  • Diverse training workshops and courses are offered as a realistic employment option to access a job independently. Amongst those that are highlighted are the workshops on weaving or sewing, which are complemented by others such as Spanish and literacy, information technology (IT), gender equality and, of course, on the active job search.

APRAMP also orients women towards self-employment as an option with the possibility of becoming a real job opportunity for them when employment is not possible for them. In a context of economic crisis and of a drastic decrease in job offers, this possibility is even more valuable.

Thus, 2 stages are distinguished:

1st Stage:

  • Basic Education: literacy and Spanish
  • Pre-employment training:
    • – Information about rights and responsibilities in the job market
    • – Basic information
    • – Skills to search for a job
    • – Access to job vacancy resources

2nd Stage:

  • Vocational Training: textile, geriatric assistant, telemarketing, etc.
  • Active job search


The Training Centre is located in C/ Ballesta, 9, and also acts as a space to raise awareness in the heart of Madrid