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Our Mission and Vision

The goal of the Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Care of Prostituted Women (APRAMP) is that individuals who suffer sexual exploitation and human trafficking recover their freedom and dignity, asserting their rights, and that they achieve the necessary autonomy to begin a life outside of the control and abuse of their exploiters. APRAMP, beginning with the defence and promotion of these individuals’ rights, contributes to the prevention and eradication of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

The vision of the organisation, thus, is that of a world in which recognises sexual exploitation and the trafficking of human beings as a violation of human rights; where the State assumes its obligation to protect and guarantee justice to the individuals who suffer this human rights violation, as well as to prevent and prosecute the crime. Therefore, the victims must be at the centre of all actions, guaranteeing all of their rights, including the right to justice and the right to receive compensation for the damage suffered.

A world where cooperation exists between non-government civil organisations and authorities, and that permits the involvement of society in the search for solutions, regarding both the causes and consequences that generate the exploitation and trafficking of human beings. As such, achieving a world free of exploitation and slavery.

Contributing to their recovery of their freedom, rights and dignity

After more than 25 years of experience, APRAMP can affirm that the majority of individuals who find themselves in a situation of prostitution suffer exploitation and live in conditions of vulnerability and marginalisation. In the last decade, the Association has been able to confirm that human trafficking affects a high percentage of individuals in Spain.

This signifies that, whatever the cause may be that has brought these individuals to be in such economic circumstances, migration plans, etc., the deception and coercion, the abuse, the violence and lack of freedom affects 90% of the people the organisation has access to. It is to say, they are victims of human rights violations and the consequences of these abuses negatively affect their physical and psychological health, as well as their human dignity.

APRAMP has been able to verify that sexually-exploited individuals choose another way of life if they have the resources, abilities and opportunities to do so. If we speak about “contributing to their recovery of their freedom and rights”, it’s because APRAMP recognises the capacity of each person to decide to be rescued and helped and, to demand justice or not, according to their own personal circumstances.

Eradicating sexual exploitation and human trafficking


APRAMP’s intervention includes, first and foremost, those individuals who suffer sexual exploitation and the trafficking of human beings. The organisation also looks to change the reality that perpetuates the exploitation of women. For that reason, within its mission lies the contribution to eradicating this phenomenon.

APRAMP documents the reality and awareness of society, witnessing what happens day to day on the streets. It analyses the causes that bring these individuals into slavery, from countries of origin to those of destination, and the terrible consequences in the lives of these individuals. The objective is to achieve a society that is aware of the existence of exploitation and human trafficking and to avoid the stigma and guilt that, in addition, the victims of these crimes suffer. It is intended, at the same time, that the authorities offer an adequate response and that they avoid the systematic criminalisation these victims suffer for carrying out activities subject to public norms such as prostitution or, for finding themselves in an irregular administrative situation.

APRAMP offers training based on its experience and makes recommendations and proposals to all of the actors involved in combatting sexual exploitation and human trafficking from a human rights perspective, always placing importance on the rights and needs of the individuals who have gone through this situation. In addition to these social awareness and advocacy efforts, the support in the access to justice that APRAMP provides to victims of this crime of human trafficking is also of vital importance.

It is demonstrated that people who have sufficient protection cooperate to a greater extent with police investigations and in the judicial process than when they don’t have such support.

Many victims only decide to declare before the police or file a report when they feel safe or have enough confidence in those who are accompanying them. Creating such trust, like APRAMP does, is an important contribution to the prosecution of this crime, being that in Spain, proof by testimony is a key piece in the judicial process.

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Who Are We

APRAMP is a non-profit, non-denominational and non-partisan organisation, and its principles of intervention and philosophy are oriented by a human rights and gender-based perspective.

What We Do

APRAMP centres its efforts on combatting the trafficking of women from a human rights and gender-based approach.

Why We Do It

APRAMP’s goal is that individuals who suffer sexual exploitation and human trafficking recover their freedom and dignity, asserting their rights, and that they achieve the necessary autonomy to begin a life outside of the control and abuse of their exploiters.

Where Are We Located

APRAMP has offices and implements its services in 6 autonomous communities in Spain.

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President – Founder

  • Rocío Nieto

    “When I started working with prostituted women in Spain 30 years ago, I couldn’t imagine how cruel reality was going to become. I didn’t know then that the work of APRAMP in the 21st century would be focused on identifying and rescuing enslaved women and girls from the other side of the world.”

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